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1x Piste Box

1x Small Protective Case

Cancels hits to a metallic piste in Foil and Épée.



Buy a Piste Box and receive a complimentary roll of conductive tape and a set of piste connector wires with your purchase. Limit one per transaction.

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The EnPointe Piste Box is used in conjunction with the EnPointe Wireless Fencing System. It allows for the cancellation of hits to a metallic piste when fencing Foil and Épée.

The Piste Box consists of a 10 x 6 x 1.5cm box, and a thin line of conductive tape that runs around the edge of the piste. It requires two AAA batteries, and will last approximately 100 hours of fencing on one set.

This will ensure the cancellation of hits to all metallic pistes, including non-grounded metallic pistes.

The Piste Box is compatible with any previously sold Relay Boxes or EnPointe Wireless Fencing Sets.

For more information on the workings of the Piste Box, take a look at the Piste Box Manual, or read the FAQs. A piste set-up video is available on our YouTube channel and our videos page.

Sabre does not require a Piste Box for the cancellation of hits to the floor or piste.

Please note: For clubs with multiple pistes, it may be possible to cancel hits without conductive tape. If your club has multiple pistes, be sure to contact our support team at [email protected] for more details on what could work in your specific venue.

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