Pocket Box

$340.00 AUD

One Pocket Box and an insulated carry case.

Expand your EnPointe system with an additional Pocket Box. Every Pocket Box is compatible with any Relay Box – just touch on and fence.

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The Pocket Box connects to your three-pronged body wire, just like a wired system. Slip it into your trouser pocket and touch on your weapon. When the Pocket Box is snug against your body, the EnPointe Wireless System leverages unique, patented technology to wirelessly register hits.

The Pocket Box is made of durable aluminium and fibreglass, and is compatible with any Relay Box – just touch on with your opponent and you’re ready to fence.

The Pocket Box uses two AAA batteries and runs for up to 90 hours of continuous fencing on a single set, or about three months of regular club use.

Ships with a carry case. Batteries not included.


Buying your own Pocket Box is a great way to ensure you’re always ready to fence wireless. Keep it connected to your body wire and snug in your pocket during training or competition, so you can touch on and fence whenever you need to, without swapping out or sharing equipment.

Using your own Pocket Box also means you can maintain social distancing and limit equipment handing during your competition or training session, from start to finish.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1.5 cm
Power Supply

2 x AAA batteries

Battery Life

90 hours