It’s been almost six months since we released our EnPointe three-weapon wireless fencing system, and things have been full speed ahead!

We’re on track to release our Piste Box next month, which allows for hits to a metallic piste to be cancelled in Foil and Épée. Our Piste Boxes are currently getting a work out at several test clubs here in Melbourne and around the world.

We’ve also been trialling our piste cancellation at a number of global FIE and UIPM events. Under the watchful eye of our EnPointe technicians, our system was used at the Pan American Youth and Veterans championships in San Salvador, and at the Foil and Sabre FIE satellite tournament in Antalya, Turkey. Our wireless system also made its Modern Pentathlon World Championships debut, in the mixed relay event ranking round in Mexico City, and was just used from the round of 64 through to the gold medal match at the Épée World Cup in Tallinn, Estonia!



Meanwhile, our engineers have been working on our next update, with a new beta version released last week. You can expect improved sabre performance in all environments, less sensitivity with the Pocket Box equipment error light, plus it will be more robust against noise. If you’re keen to have a try, it’s available now from Update Your System.

Since we launched six months ago, we’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive response from fencers and clubs! We’ve had a great opportunity to converse with fencers all over the world, and see some truly great athletes performing at their peak. From all of us here at EnPointe, we’d like to say a big thank you to all the test clubs, reviewers, competition officials and fencers who have helped us learn and improve. Your insight and feedback is invaluable in enabling us to bring you a better system.

We’re looking forward to what the next six months will bring!

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