Firmware Update – Version 1.3

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest firmware update, Version 1.3.

This update enhances the wireless reliability of your EnPointe scoring system and introduces improvements benefiting a range of users, particularly Sabreurs.

As more clubs adopt the EnPointe system, we’re gaining a deeper understanding of how fencers are using the system and the types of venues they’re using it in. Some fencers have asked us to boost the system’s tolerance to electrical interference in Sabre, while others have told us they’ve experienced issues maintaining a reliable connection while fencing in crowded venues.

This update addresses both issues.

For Sabreurs, we’ve developed a new method of hit detection that makes the EnPointe system more tolerant to sweat and movement within loose pockets. We’ve also improved the system’s ability to reliably detect fast hits to the mask; and introduced a more accurate way to sense when a lamé has disconnected. We’ve also enhanced the system’s tolerance to electromagnetic interference, or EMI. EMI refers to electrical noise that’s radiated by electronic equipment and, at high levels, can interfere with signals sensed by your EnPointe system. This firmware update significantly improves the system’s reliability and performance at the small number of venues where EMI is an issue.

We’ve made a few other improvements, too, including a fix to address a rare bug that occurs when the system is in Foil mode and connected to a Piste Box – the Piste will no longer register as on-target when a blade hits flat on a sweaty leg – and restricted the pairing of the Piste Box to one Relay Box at a time. This change is designed to prevent the Piste Box accidentally pairing with a Relay Box other than the one you’re intending to use.

You can download the firmware update now from Update Your System. Instructions on how to load the update onto your EnPointe system can be found on page five of the user manual.

With further testing and refinement, we’re aiming to formally release this firmware update within the next few months, so stay tuned!

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