Firmware Update – Version 1.4

We’re kicking off 2021 with a firmware update for the EnPointe wireless fencing system.

Firmware version 1.4 (beta) includes wireless performance improvements for all three weapons, with particular enhancements to hit detection reliability for Foil and Sabre.

Here’s what’s new.


Touch on is now near-instantaneous, so you can register to fence without breaking your momentum.

(You won’t notice a change the first time you touch on after you’ve installed firmware version 1.4, but subsequent touch ons will be faster!)


For Foilists, we’ve refined how the EnPointe system senses a loose Pocket Box or disconnected lamé. That means you can rely on EnPointe’s unique equipment error lights to adjust your set-up with more confidence than ever before.

We’ve also tweaked how the system responds to sweat, and improved hit detection reliability in environments with unusually high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI). These enhancements are designed to benefit a diverse range of clubs and fencers, including those that may have recently moved to unfamiliar venues to accommodate social distancing.


For Sabreurs, the EnPointe system now allows for intermittent breaks in the body wire connection of up to one second. That means your touch will register reliably even if part of your body wire briefly disconnects from your weapon when you lunge for a hit or move your arm. It’s a feature that will be familiar to reels users, and it’s another way the EnPointe system has been designed to help fencers seamlessly transition from wired to wireless scoring.

We’ve also built upon past firmware updates to further improve the system’s capacity to register fast hits to the mask. And, like Foilists, Sabreurs will benefit from to hit detection improvements when fencing with a loose Pocket Box or in venues with unusually high levels of EMI.

Visit Update Your System to download firmware version 1.4 (beta).

Instructions on how to install the update onto your Relay Box can be found on page five of the user manual.

This is a beta release, which means we’re keen to hear about your experience fencing with the update. Report any bugs or issues you’ve encountered by contacting EnPointe Support.

To keep up to date with future firmware developments – including the formal release of firmware version 1.4 – make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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