En Garde 2023!

We’re kicking off 2023 with a sustainable approach to business and the sport of fencing!

EnPointe turns five years old this year, and we’ve learnt a lot in our five years of running this business. 

We’ve run FIE events, overcome covid challenges, and tackled chip shortages. We also designed and released five products – then improved them with five firmware updates. We set a goal of innovative and inclusive design (which earned our Display Box an Australian Good Design Award) and now, we’re turning our attention to bringing our products, packaging and business into line with our sustainability goals.

What you can expect:

Thankfully, our eco goals should mean little obvious changes for our customers. Our products will still retain their high quality design, user-friendly robustness and state of the art features, but the changes behind the scenes are ensuring our business remains a sustainable one. With an eco-minded approach to product design, as well as the planet, people and animals.

We’re starting off the year with compostable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.  You can expect to see improvements like compostable mailers and “go green” shipments in early January. Then we’ll be constructing a set of eco-goals that reflect our business’ commitment to sustainability. 

We’re placing the impact of our products and business on the environment as the number one priority facing us this year, and placing sustainable and ethical design and manufacturing practices at the heart of our business.

We’ll have more to announce on this soon, so keep an eye out for more information about our sustainability journey!

We hope your 2023 is off to a good start – until next time, we’ll see you on the piste!

The EnPointe Team

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